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Cindy's Dance Factory

Have A Dance Birthday Party!

Choose a Saturday or Sunday

Your Party Includes:
· Invitations for up to 10 people
· Dance lessons
· Parachute games
· Playing with pom poms
· Coloring
· Decorations
· Tables and chairs
· Napkins, plates, forks and cups
· 7-up and water provided

What You Need to Do:
· Fill out and send invitations
· Bring the cake and candles
· Bring your camera
· Bring goodie bags (if you want to)

Fee: $110 - 2-hour party for up to 10 children. ($10 extra for each child more than 10)

(Doors open 30 minutes prior to your party start time.)

Call Cindy today at 487-0199
to reserve your party!