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Dance Fees
Description Fee
Registration FREE!
Regular Class
(55 minutes)
$55.00 per month*
Discounts for individuals/families enrolled in multiple classes. Call for details.
Regular Class
(45 minutes)
$48.00 per month*
Tot Class
(30 minutes)
$38.00 per month*
Private Lessons $50.00 per hour

Drop-in fee
(sit in on just one class)

$16.00 per 55-minute class
Costume Fee
(Due in October)
$75.00 per class
(2 costumes for the May show)
(No costume required for December dances)
Performance Fee

Approximately $50.00 per student
(for rental of performance space)

Admission to Performance FREE! (Invite everybody!)
Register online
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Summer Dance Camp Fees
1 Hour $70 (5 days)
1 1/2 Hours $95 (5 days)
2 Hours $130 (5 days)
2 1/2 Hours $155 (5 days)
3 Hours $190 (5 days)
Summer Maintenance Class Fees
1 Hour $15 (1 day)
2 Hours $25 (1 day)
3 Hours $38 (1 day)
4 Hours $50 (1 day)
5 Hours $60 (1 day)

Enjoy a discount if you:

  • Come to all three week-long camps
  • Come to 8 or more maintenance classes
  • Bring a friend with you for dance class

Ask Cindy for details!

Register online
(Requires Adobe Reader. Click here to download for free.)

* - Monthly fees are based on one class per week, 4 weeks

Cindy's Dance Factory accepts checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Disover cards.
Tuition is due the first week of each month.
(There is a $25 charge for any check that is returned due to insufficient funds.)


Birthday Party Fees
Description Fee
2 hour party for up to 10 children $110.00**
Additional children past 10 $10.00 each

** - Cake not included.